“For me, being part of ESI means being in a place of fraternity and collaborative transformation. Everyone at their own pace, in their own time, but everyone there, together, sharing, learning, offering something to the egregore. It is powerful and has a lot of transformative energy. I realize how the practice of aligning the 4 intelligences has brought me more lovingness, focus, serenity and clarity to live more coherently with my purpose. For that, I would like to thank everyone who is dedicated and working for the creation of this transformative space!“

Lívia Maria Paes-Lettner


“Great, I really appreciate the huge amount of time invested by the team in running this course. It is a really useful course as an introduction to integral health and ecology. Understanding where my self-growth work lies and the direction I am heading in. Also the connection with others.”

Adam Thomas


“The course was like a fire starter to some actions that were previously living only in my mental world. It certainly widened some of my boundaries and added more tools for the changes I intend to make in order to also transform the world.”

Pablo Antunes


“For me you are a piece of Land on which I can find support on my path of evolution. A nourishing Land, and also a mirror of what I am now, showing me what I need to work on to face and integrate my inner devils. THANK YOU ALL for being part of my journey on Earth. My heart remains with you.”

Laurence Alou


“I would like to express my deep gratitude for the past few months spent with the Integral Ecology School, which have been so nourishing. I sincerely feel that the school has accompanied me in my transformation towards a holistic and harmonious way of life.
One of the most impactful gifts of the course has been becoming more aware of and learning to engage the four intelligences and their associated elements, which has opened my perception and given another dimension to my experience of life.
I will carry with me the beautiful memories and lasting connections between the participants/facilitators, created in a spirit of community working together to grow towards the Light. Thank you!“

Ruby Collins


“You are all wonderful and are contributing to a new world that I can’t wait to be living in and sharing with others. A true sense of integration. Not thinking of sustainability only in terms of ecology but also in terms of self-search and self-love.”

Allisson Charlotte


‘An amazing experience! We’re not alone and community building based on trust and friendship can work miracles for changing the inner and outer worlds, making our common visions come true.’

Ana Lúcia Lage


“For me ESI increases my openness, bringing me in contact with wonderful people who struggle like me to make their transition plan more precise, concrete and coherent with themselves in an atmosphere of trust, cooperation, peace, openness and beauty. A deep, unique, and encouraging experience!

Christophe Kaufmann


* Subtitles in English are available