Who we are

The Integral Ecology School (ESI) accompanies people in the process of transforming themselves to transform the world. It holds space for reflection, in which different practices are used to engage the intelligences of body, mind, heart and soul, based on the holistic-quantum paradigm.

ESI is an international school that offers courses in several languages, adapting to meet different cultural environments. ESI aims to contribute to an environment of planetary citizenship and believes that diversity enriches community. In accordance with this, the school offers social grants to people without the means to pay for the courses.

During ESI trainings, the strength of the group is enhanced by the voluntary creation of an “egregore”, that is to say, a subtle collective force that comes from the combination of individual energies in collaboration. The search for internal coherence between what one says, what one feels, what one thinks and what one does develops in the group through the synchronisation of intention and through various activities carried out collectively, in an environment of mutual support. Finding the joy of inner coherence and of seeing oneself contributing to a more just, ecological, democratic and happy world is our goal.

ESI is an international community which offers regular courses in a live, online format in Portuguese, French, and English, as well as in-person courses, workshops, and retreats in Brazil, India and France.


ESI courses are currently being held in a virtual format and are divided into three modules.

In-Person Workshops

Virtual trainings are complemented by immersive workshops that bring face-to-face community experiences: practicing together to develop the four intelligences, in search of coherence and joy.

Venues for in-person gatherings

Farm of the Future

Lauretta Terrace

Chalet in the French Alpes