Module II- Paths of Transition

This module lasts four months and is composed of 13 live, 3-hour, virtual gatherings taking place every week.

The next group for Module II will take place from 26th March to 18th June 2022, on Saturdays from 3pm to 6 pm (Paris time). It will be bilingual in French and Portuguese.

*Subtitles in English are available for all videos on YouTube.

Meetings are organised according to the moon phases. Using the lunar cycle allows the group to align with an external part of Nature; helping to regulate and encourage self-observation and stimulating the group dynamic. With the new moon comes opportunity for new beginnings, with the waxing moon we are given time to structure and take form, with the full moon comes opportunity to harvest and evaluate, and with the waning moon the space to settle loose ends.

Included in this training:

  • 24 hours of live virtual meetings (with special guests, videos from the School’s collection, sharing circles, and exercises that engage our mental, emotional, body, and soul intelligences, among other activities);
  • Access to a virtual platform with new learning materials available with each session: videos, articles, practical activities to mobilise the four intelligences, guidance for self-observation rituals, guided meditations, etc.
  • Access to an instant online chat with the group at any time and participation in an additional smaller group organised around one’s affinity with the elements of Water, Fire, Earth, and Air;
  • Personalised support during the course by participants who are “guardians of the subtle field of the egregore”.

Virtual meetings

The meetings are generaly organised in 4 phases:

Introduction: an opening circle to welcome participants, a meditation to connect the group through a shared energetic vibration and a presentation of the meeting;

A presentation on the theme of the session from guest speakers either in person or through video format, and time for exchange/ discussion within the group;

Sharing circles based on relevant themes of the day, in “element groups” (Earth, Fire, Water or Air) or in pairs;

Conclusion: creative activities/ activities which invoke the body intelligence, discussion about the next steps and closing the meeting.

Between each meeting, we give specific individual and group activities that mobilise the 4 intelligences in order to foster a long-distance group connection and to create an egregore, or intentional community. This connection on the collective level acts as a catalyst for change at the individual level, just as individual change enriches the group dynamic.

The meetings take place through the Zoom platform, which allows the creation of breakout groups.


Topics covered per meeting:


First meeting: (26/03/22, 3pm-6pm CET)

Presentation of Module II, the participants and their intentions. Identification of talents that can be shared and enhanced throughout the course. Explanation of the ESI methodology based on quantum physics and the holistic paradigm. Evaluation of the impact Module I had on the life of each participant. Connecting to joy through drawing;


Second meeting: (01/04/2022, 3pm-6pm CET)

Deepening the understanding of quantum physics, with Marcos Queiroz. Which elements (fire, water, air and earth) are challenging for each person at this moment and why? Organising a circular leadership for the meetings. Non-verbal communication in an international community. Connecting to joy through mime;


Third meeting: (09/04/2022, 3pm-6pm, date to be confirmed)

Humanity in Evolution: Integral History. The task of integrating the implications of integral history into the participants’ personal transition plans. Connecting to joy through dance.


Fourth meeting: (16/05/2022, 3pm-6pm CET)

Integral History (continuation and end). The human path towards balance of Yin and Yang energies. Integral history from within ourselves: our family past and its consequences on our place in the world. Connecting to joy through music.


Fifth meeting: (23/05/2022, 3pm-6pm CET)

The dynamics of the subtle field with Joana Galo. Are there laws that govern the subtle field? How do different wisdom traditions understand these subtle dynamics? Personal practices of connecting with the subtle field. Connecting to joy through laughter.


Sixth meeting: (30/04/22, 3pm-6pm CET)

Personal experiences of transition to new paradigms: new ways of living, realisations of inner alignment/coherence, learning and unconditional love, welcoming the subtle dimension of life, etc. Connecting to joy through taste.


Seventh meeting: (08/05/22, 3pm-6pm CET)

Collective experiences of transition to new paradigms: new forms of governance, realisation of group alignment/coherence, learning community life, developing collective intentions in the subtle dimension of life. Connecting to joy through childhood.


Eighth meeting: (16/05/22, 3pm-6pm CET)

Intellectual learning of new paradigms: new concepts, new theories, new methodologies, etc. Connecting to joy through touch.


Ninth meeting: (22/05/22, 3pm-6pm CET)

Deepening of meditation practices: Yoga Nidra (conscious relaxation), its effects and how to practice. Connecting to joy through beauty.


Tenth meeting: (30/05/22, 3pm-6pm CET)

Deepening meditation practices: Antar Mouna (conscious relaxation) its effects and how to practice. Connecting to the joy of partnership.


Eleventh meeting: (07/06/22, 3pm-6pm CET)

Studying symbols, dreams and synchronicities as oracles, according to the Jungian approach, with a guest teacher. Connecting to the joy of self-care.


Twelfth meeting: (11/06/22, 3pm-6pm CET)

Experiences of new citizen collectives: communities living new paradigms, the subtle dimension, regenerative dynamics and the feminine dimension of politics in alternative societies. Connecting to joy through gratitude.


Thirteenth meeting (sharing of joys): (18/06/22, 3pm-6pm CET)

Collaboration of the co-created group: a programme co-constructed from the proposals and coordination of each language group. Internal sharing of the groups and international community. Sharing joy.

Main objectives of this deepening module:

To understand more deeply the holistic-quantum paradigm and integrate the paradigm shift in the world and in oneself;

Deepen the practise in terms of developing the four intelligences: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, seeking a greater degree of internal coherence;

Learn about different religious traditions’ understanding of the “subtle-quantum field”, identify your personal form of interaction with it and experience it more consciously;

Move forward in the Transition Plan with deep self-inquiry about the impediments to the process of alignment between what you feel, what you say, what you think, and what you do and find strategies to move forward;

To be able to start the process of becoming a facilitator for our future groups and disseminate our methodology.

Learn to project yourself into the future from the past and the present, better understanding your role in the Cosmos and taking responsibility for what happens to you, knowing that life is an echo that responds with what you put out;

Participate in a group dynamic which experiences Joy through different means, with creativity and fun, connecting with that feeling which brings a powerful energy to enliven existence. Learn to have joy be a compass for the various paths of Life and to identify joy as the result of the path of inner coherence;

Benefit from participation in an intentional community and in groups linked to the elements, earth, fire, water and air, in order to deepen self-knowledge and be surrounded by people who share the same quest and are willing to help each other evolve in the Transition process;

Be observed by other people in the group, especially your assigned partner, seeking greater clarity about your field of light and shadows in order to bring light to it through the Transition process.


Débora Nunes

University professor and writer. Founder and coordinator of the Integral Ecology School (Escola de Sustentabilidade Integral). Her joy lies in leading a team of wonderful people who are dedicated to helping others transform themselves to transform the world.

Financial contribution

We are offering three options for conscious contribution according to your means:

Solidary rate: 410€

Average rate: 560€

Abundant rate: 710€

There is a 84€ deposit when you sign up. The remaining balance will be paid from the first month of the course.
The total payment can be made in instalments up until the end of the course.