Physical Headquarters

Farm of the Future

The Farm of the Future is the rural headquarters of ESI’s activities. It is located 21 km from the town Miguel Calmon, by the wonderful Seven Passages State Park situated in the Chapada Diamantina, in the state of Bahia, Brazil. The Covas River forest that crosses the site has been recovered and the regeneration of other local forests is in process, with the intention to restore local biodiversity. On the site there is organic food production, a sugar cane molasses and rapadura production mill, a coffee agro-forest and a small herd of dairy cattle and horses. The Ecorural community, an ecovillage under construction, is currently being created on the land. The Farm has several partnerships with its employees and the surrounding community.

Lauretta Terrace

ESI’s urban headquarters is located in the Barra neighbourhood of Salvador, Brazil, in a terrace designed in an entirely ecological way to host lectures, group work, meditations, permaculture practices and other activities of community living such as food production and rest. The Lauretta terrace is 700m from Barra Port, a beach which is also serves as a space to gather and socialise between classes.

Chalet in the French Alps

Retreats are held periodically in a chalet in the French Alps, Pradier. This is a property shared by seven families with the possibility to welcome up to twenty people in a rustic and pleasant environment surrounded by a spectacular landscape.  The Pradier chalet and surroundings offer an idyllic setting for self-knowledge, changing everyday practices towards a more ecological life, interacting in a small learning community, and connecting activities with Nature.

Virtual Spaces

The virtual gatherings of the standard courses are held on online platforms that allow live broadcasting, division into groups and sharing of materials. In the period between meetings, the group is strengthened with immediate communication through an online community channel.

All the teaching material is organised and made easily available to students throughout the training course, as are recordings of the live virtual meetings.